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How to make a payment to an individual via Binance Pay ID

1. Request the Pay ID from your payee
To pay someone via Binance Pay ID, you will need to have their Pay ID.
Log in to your Binance App, go to [Wallets] - [Pay].
2. Input the payee’s Pay ID
You can paste or manually enter the Pay ID.
3. Input payment details
Select your payment currency, enter the payment amount and notes (if any) for this payment.
Click [Confirm] once you confirm your payment details.
The payment amount will be deducted from your Pay Wallet balance according to the token order you've set.

How to make payment to a merchant with Binance Pay

Currently, you can only make payments to merchants in Binance Pay via QR code.
1. Request a QR code from the merchant
You can request for a QR code from the merchant and scan the QR code with your Binance App.
Log in to your Binance App and click [Wallets] - [Pay].
Click on the [Scan] icon on the top right-hand corner to scan the QR code.
2. Check and confirm the payment details
You can see the payments details after scanning the QR code.
You can click the information icon next to the merchant’s name to see their list of not supported payment currencies.
Click [Continue] after confirming the payment details.
The App will proceed to display the funds to be utilised for your payment according to your payment priority settings. Check the payment details and click [Confirm].
Please note that in case the balance of your prioritized crypto is insufficient to cover the payment amount, multiple currencies will be used in your preferred payment order to fulfil your payment.
2.1. Change your payment currency/payment currency order (optional)
If you wish to change your payment currency order, click [>] under [Funds to Use] to view your available currency balance for payment.
Simply drag the available currencies to arrange them in your preferred order. This setting will only apply to your current transaction and will not affect the initial payment priority order configured upon your wallet set up.
3. Enter your Pay PIN for verification
Enter your Pay PIN for payment verification. Please note that your Pay PIN will be locked upon 5 incorrect attempts.
In case your Pay PIN is locked, you can try again after five hours.
4. Payment successful
After verifying your PIN, you will see the Payment Details. Your payment is now completed.

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